Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dallas Voice:

Choi Speaking = $10,000

I guess if you believed in Dan Choi as the great gay military messiah, you might be disappointed in him, as is a Texas activist who has written an emotional and angry letter addressed to the former U.S. serviceman. Look, I understand a man has to eat and pay the rent, but does Choi really need a five-figure fee paid before he helps out some college kids?

From the Dallas Voice:

To me, the mere hope of reaching out to those who meet my words with deaf ears was worth putting up with your agent and the exorbitant amount of $10,000 to get you out here. I never for a moment questioned why it was that much, or why you were charging anything at all. [...]

About a month ago, after nine months of dealing with your agent, I received an e-mail directly from you. In short, you basically said that the only way I could get you to speak is if I raised enough money to bring you to Tech. No deals, no compromises, end of story. [...]

You, sir, have lost sight in one of those many $10,000 checks written to you, of why you came out and became an activist in the first place. Remember, Lt. Choi? LOVE IS WORTH IT. LOVE is worth cutting a deal to poor college kids in an extremely conservative city who’s only desire is to make headway in their community. LOVE is worth sacrificing money to give my friends and others who are currently serving in silence the hope to remember they are worth it. Love isn’t made by money.

Love isn’t made by your agent, Alec Melman.

Love isn’t tangible when you’re suffocated by greed as you are. Love is constantly flowing through the heart and brain. Love is giving. Love isn’t defined by financial status, color, gender, creed, age or sexual orientation.

Your definition of love is no longer my definition of love. [...]

Nonnie Ouch
Texas Tech University
Gay-Straight Alliance

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