Friday, August 20, 2010

Holiday in the 'Manny State'

My short getaway this week up at the Russian River was just the relaxing holiday from San Francisco and the web that I needed. Thanks to the bike racks on the Golden Gate Transit and Sonoma County bus lines that I took up to Guerneville, I was able to get in lots of biking time.

One day I rode out to Armstrong Woods, to enjoy the enormous redwoods, and just outside the welcome center's parking lot was this sign. That last line, putting the onus of proper behavior protecting the park and hiking trails on the visitor, revealed an assertive Manny State attitude from the rangers. Good for them! If visitors want the Nanny State, they can bring along Mary Poppins.

Here I am with my adorable cub Tate Swindell, enjoying a good meal at a restaurant on Guerneville's main drag. It was so much fun to spend time with him and his brother Todd, their pal Brion, and Danny and Rita Novak. Thanks friends, for making the trip a true holiday full of laughs and great scenery.

I also spent time on the banks of the Russian River, and even went into the chilly water for a swim. Must have been my inner butchie that got me to plunge into the river. Great to get out of town, and even nicer to be back with my husbear Mike. Now it's time to resume blogging, after such a refreshing time away from the city.

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