Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oops: Fox News 2x Mentions Mehlman;

HRC/NGLTF Still Equal Zero

So, I'm human and forgot to Google for an update to the Think Progress report on Ken Mehlman-is-gay mentions on the Fox News channel. The latest scoop comes from MediaIte:

This was covered rather extensively by the cable news outlets, save one notable exception – Fox News only covered the story once, during the end of Bret Baier’s show Friday evening. However, this contradicts reports in Think Progress and Politico, that incorrectly claimed that Fox News has completely ignored the story. [...]

Update - Johnny Dollar points out that this story was also covered during the GrapeVine segment of Special Report

Update #2: Yahoo’s Michael Calderone points out that Bret Baier’s mention aired after the Politico and ThinkProgress pieces had been posted, thereby making them correct at the time.

My earlier post will link back here. Let the record show that Fox News has twice made passing reference to Mehlman's coming out, and the Human Rights Charade and the National Gay and Lesbian Tisk-Tisk Farce equal zero mentions on their lame-ass sites.

And the gay tribal beat goes on . . . La de da de de, la de da de da.

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