Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pelosi Note on ENDA

House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi killed a few trees for her latest mailer to constituents. I'm not sure why she bothers around election time to do this, when she faces no jeopardy for her seat and she's fine the rest of the time to refrain from using the post office to communicate with voters.

On page 4 of the newsletter, Pelosi panders to her AIDS Inc and Gay Inc constituencies. First, she prints a small photo of President Obama signing the Ryan White CARE Reauthorization Act, and singles out the SF AIDS Foundation's federal lobbyist Ernest Hopkins in the caption.

Secondly, after first invoking the legacy of Harvey Milk, she spouts flowery statements about her commitment to passage, one day in the future, of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Color me unimpressed with such communication from the Speaker with district residents concerned about AIDS and gay matters. We need to see Pelosi break into a sweat over solving the ADAP waiting list crisis for thousands of people living with AIDS, and meaningful movement on ENDA. The newsletter in no way shows her sweating on our behalf.

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