Monday, August 09, 2010

HRC's Solmonese White House Visits
Now Equal 31 Times

When I last checked for the number of White House visits made by Human Rights Campaign top honcho Joe Solmonese back in May, I searched the visitor logs using the following terms: Solmonese, Solomonese and Solmenese. We could do with some spelling oversight by the record-keepers. I found that he had access to the Obama White House twenty-two times.

Solmonese's HRC colleagues are also frequently at the White House for various functions, from small meetings to large receptions. A search in the spring revealed at least 88 visits by HRC leaders.

Looking again today at the visitor logs shows Solmonese visits now equal 28 times, Solomonese one visit, and Solmenese went to the people's house twice.

The leader of America's largest professional gay advocacy org has been to the White House at least 31 times and I wonder what exactly such access has produced for the average gay citizen. As the number of Solmonese visits continues to rise, I wish I could see a similar climb in number of benefits and/or advances for the rest of us.

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