Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Support Gay Muckraking & Accountability;

My Autumn Fundraising Drive

Dear Friends, Fellow Activists, Supporters and Skeptics:

Whether you’re an active commentator or lurk quietly while reading Petrelis Files, I hope you agree that I offer a singular perspective on the struggle for queer liberation and an end to the AIDS crisis. I work tirelessly for accountability – utilizing old-fashioned muckraking techniques – to illuminate overlooked but important issues affecting the lives of many marginalized peoples in San Francisco, throughout the United States and abroad.

I'm proud of my unique advocacy and accountability efforts through this blog, and now turn to you, readers and supporters, to ask you to donate funds so I can continue my efforts with renewed vigor and purpose.

My friend Bevan Dufty, the Castro District's gay member on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, has already made a donation to my current fundraising campaign. Bevan has kindly provided this testimonial:
"For over a decade, I've worked with Michael and seen him deliver changes. He has certainly kicked my tail, but I'm better for it. Michael's evolution into one of the blogosphere's most intrepid activists shows what's possible when you speak loudly for our movement. I've donated to him and ask you to do the same."
No amount is too small – or too large – and whatever you donate will go towards fighting the good fight. Yes, I'm occasionally provocative, but hope you agree am also quite productive at advancing gay liberation and institutional accountability.

In recent months, I've helped raise much-needed funds for gay Iraq refugees, obtained 51-pages on gay Iraqis from the British Foreign Office, reinvigorated the debate over Jamaica's human rights violations of gays, persuaded the San Francisco Police Department to issue press passes to bloggers, made FOIA requests with the FBI for Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite's files, shared the transcript of a federal hearing on the Olson/Boies Prop 8 lawsuit, and zapped a rightwing press conference besmirching the legacy and life of Harvey Milk.

Now is the time to support my fearless advocacy. Simply click on the PayPal icon in the top-right corner of the home page of Petrelis Files.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or to request my street address if you’d like to mail a personal check:

T: 1-415-621-6267

Gracias mucho for your financial support and continued goodwill.


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