Monday, October 05, 2009

Advocate Names Divorcing TX Gay Couple

Here's what the Advocate had to say on Thursday about naming, or not, the two gay men in the Texas gay divorce case:
The men in the case are asking not to be identified in the press because one of them is not out to his employer.
And last week, the Advocate agreed with the petitioners' request, and didn't honestly ID them. Today, that changed. The magazine's web site now fully IDs the gay men:
On Thursday, Dallas state district judge Tena Callahan ruled that Jeffrey and Henry Buck, who married three years ago in Massachusetts, could divorce in Texas. The judge also ruled that the Texas ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Jeffrey, who prefers to be identified in the press as “JB,” spoke with GMA Weekend host Billy Weir on Saturday, accompanied by his lawyer Peter Schulte.
And the New York Times has yet to correct the two mistakes made in their Saturday article about the case. I've made follow up calls and sent more emails to editors at the Times and hope they soon correct their errors from Saturday.


Art Leonard said...

The court's opinion refers to them only by initials. The court was willing to respect their request for anonymity. Why shouldn't the press? After all, who they are is less important than the legal principles involved as far as reporting the story goes.

Unknown said...

hey art,

they are fully IDed in the first january filing, so not all court records refer to them only by their initials. also, if jeffrey buck is so concerned about his employment status because of his orientation, what the heck is he doing on national TV?

finally, i don't believe the press and courts refer to straight divorcing couples only by their initials.