Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mary Cheney Pregnant Again?

The True/Slant blog just posted this bit of news:
Mary Cheney, the former vice president’s daughter, and her long-time partner, Heather Poe, are expecting their second child, a source close to the family told True/Slant. [Ed. Note: Since publishing this piece, Cheney has confirmed that she and Poe are expecting their second child in mid- to late November.]

Cheney has worked as a principal at Navigators Global, a bi-partisan communications firm, but recently announced that she would be leaving the company for maternity leave and to begin a new consulting firm with her sister, Liz. Close friends were informed that she was expecting a second child about four months ago and she is now visibly showing her pregnancy, the source says. [...]
True/Slant is published by Kate Klonick, who provides these details about herself and experience:
While working at Talking Points Memo Muckraker during the 2008 Election, I covered the Justice Department politicization, voting rights law and the insanity of Alaska politics. I've loved the beat which was somewhere between the wonky side of politics and the law.
Being a former reporter at Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo site gives Kate a lot of credibility, in my book. However, I can't find any other blog or a single mainstream news source reporting that Mary Cheney is pregnant again.

I'm passing this item along with the caveat that only one blog is reporting the news. Anyone got more info? Share it with me, if you do, please.


Anonymous said...

Notice that Mary has kept this pregnancy under wraps for a long time if she's due in November. This is not really surprising considering we've heard nothing about her current son, Samuel. She is astronomically rich and can travel between the various Cheney estates and compounds. While your average glbt couple has to struggle and jump through endless financial hoops and obstacles, Mary is protected by her wealth. Remember, she called John Kerry a "son-of-a-bitch" for simply acknowledging her lesbianism.

James J. Olson said...

And where is the Republican outrage? The shouting maniacs demanding that this child be saved from a life without a father? The breathless insinuations that something is not right with their family? The overt vilification of this clearly sinful couple raising children in an atmosphere of perversion and moral turpitude?