Saturday, October 03, 2009

NYT 'Ins' Divorcing Gay Couple;
Court Files ID Petitioners

This was sent today to several editors at the New York Times.

Dear Corrections Editor:

Court filings by Jeffrey Buck in his divorce proceeding against Henry Buck published on the Dallas court's web site clearly identifies the men by their full names and not just their initials. In the Times' story on Saturday about a Texas judge allowing the divorce request to move forward, two erroneous claims were made by the reporter:
The case in Texas involves two men who married in Cambridge, Mass., in 2006, then moved to Dallas the following year when one of them was transferred by his company, a lawyer for the couple, Peter A. Schulte, said. [...]

But Mr. Schulte said his clients, who were identified in court documents as J.B. and H.B., had not sought to challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.
First, Schulte does not represent both Bucks. Who's ever heard of a lawyer representing both parties in a divorce? Schulte is Jeffrey Buck's lawyer, while Henry Buck is his own counsel in this matter. Second, the Bucks are both identified by their full names in papers filed in January.

Go to Dallas court's search engine and search for the following case number: DF-09-01074. You'll quickly find the petitioners names.

All that aside, can you tell me if it's the Times' policy to routinely omit the names of divorcing couples, of any sexual orientation? I found it odd that the Times didn't name the gay men and also didn't explain why.

An appropriate correction and explanation is requested.

Michael Petrelis

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