Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama Won't Be in SF Oct 11 for Golf;
March Fiscal Disclosures?

Veteran San Francisco Chronicle political reporter Carla Marinucci delivers the news that the President won't be in town this weekend, for a golfing event that ends on October 11:
As for all those who have suggested Obama will make a surprise stop at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park this week? Sorry, folks, not gonna happen.
Does this mean he will be in DC, somehow lending support or words of encouragement to gay people participating in Cleve Jones' march and rally? The Chronicle doesn't say. I emailed White House spokesperson Shin Inouye, asking if he wanted to comment on the Chronicle report. His reply:
Thanks for checking, but no.
Speaking of the march, I contacted the organizers and asked about promised financial disclosure by David Mixner back in June on his web site:
In addition, Jones is aiming for a low cost march that will have full transparency. Marches in the past have had their finances questioned and have had huge expenditures for programming and staging. This time, in the name of transparency, the expenditures will be disclosed every day on the Internet so they can be held accountable by the community.
Good of him to say this, and in my message to the organizers and David, I asked if the expenditures and disclosures about donors would be made public this week. March spokesperson Phil Siegel replied:
Working on it. No promises. Will be on website soon.
I'm sure every effort is being made to provide the financial disclosure and look forward to reading the info about expenditures and donors on the march's web site.

Important details about one donor and her foundation's large gift was reported yesterday by Lisa Leff of the Associated Press:
Urvashi Vaid, who directs a private foundation that gave $50,000 to support the march, said the weekend would also showcase progress.
Thanks, Lisa, for bringing a degree of transparency to the financing of the march. Please continue to offer more donor disclosures.


Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, announced today that President Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address at the 13th Annual National Dinner on Saturday, October 10th, in Washington, D.C.

Anonymous said...

Our friend Peter is at it again. Thought you and your readers would enjoy his take on the President's HRC appearance.

Bill Wilson

The president of an organization dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda believes President Barack Obama will alienate many Americans when he speaks this weekend at a meeting of the largest homosexual-rights group in the nation.

On Saturday night, Obama will deliver the keynote address at the 13th annual National Dinner in Washington, DC -- an annual event organized by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual activist group in the United States.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says it is clear President Obama is trying to appease homosexual activists, many of whom have been vocal about their disappointment with the chief executive.

Peter LaBarbera"The problem with having the homosexual lobby as an ally is that they're very loud and obnoxious -- and if they don't get their way immediately, they start carping and complaining," says LaBarbera.

"That's what they've been doing -- they're saying Obama is not moving fast enough," he continues. "But the further and faster Obama moves on the gay agenda, the more he will alienate mainstream and middle-of-the-road Americans."

LaBarbera points out that HRC has "Bible studies" online that claim homosexuality is not sinful. Among those studies is one HRC says is designed to train individuals to "move people of faith and congregations from acceptance to public advocacy."

AndrewW said...

They won't post their financials until AFTER the March fails. $350,000 wasted.