Sunday, February 09, 2014

Weekend Woof #65: Black, Blue, Ginger and Grey

It's time to clean out recent photos of various attractive dudes who've graced my camera's lens in recent weeks. I hope you find them half as attractive and endearing as I do. From blue apparel, to one young black guy, to a ginger fellow and mature man with gray facial fuzz, we got some color to share. Thanks fellas, for the smiles and skin on display!

A note about this last photo, snapped last weekend at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro. Even though the sun was out, there still was a chill in the air but it didn't stop this semi-nudist from strolling about. Not a goosebump on him, but he was wearing a cock-sock and not violating San Francisco puritanical anti-nudity law.

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