Sunday, February 23, 2014

SF Chron: How Will Castro Sup. Debate Blogger With Restraining Order?

(It's not easy being an underdog!)

Mike and I were reading the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle print editions over the breakfast table this morning, and both of us were happy to see this passage in the Hearst-owned paper written by Heather Knight:

[Castro Sup. REDACTED] said he and the rest of the board are taking constituents' concerns about the cost of living very seriously. They helped the mayor create an affordable housing trust fund and have focused on legislating tenant protections. Nonetheless, he assumes he'll have competition in November.

In fact, he already does - though we doubt he's all that worried.

Nudist George Davis, who despises [REDACTED] for making it illegal to bare his bits in public, is running against him. So is Michael Petrelis, the blogger who tried to photograph [REDACTED] using a City Hall bathroom in 2012. [REDACTED] has a restraining order against him, so we wonder how those political debates will play out.

Well, at least we political reporters will have something to write about when it comes to the supervisor races this fall. 

Glad to know I'm giving Heather something to write about now. Regarding getting on the ballot, I need to raise $500 and gather twenty signatures from District 8 voters to get on the ballot and the earliest date I can walk into the Department of Elections to pay that fee and turn in the signatures is May 16. I'll let you know when my fundraising effort gets underway.

I don't expect the incumbent, who wasted at least $26,000 in City funds to obtain that restraining order and applied pressure to the sheriff, police department and district attorney to teach me a lesson instead of putting the pee-parazzo incident before the Human Rights Commission at a greatly reduced cost to taxpayers, to agree to debates with me.

That is, if Judge Sam Feng would consider relaxing the order in the interests of democracy and the integrity of the electoral process.

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