Saturday, February 01, 2014

Weekend Woof #64: Shaved Heads, Hunks & Biker Boys

It's been too long, two weeks actually, since I posted photos of assorted handsome dudes from the streets of the Bay Area. The hiatus is over with this batch of pictures and as always, many thanks to the guys for gracing my camera's lens. How have the past few weeks been for you and having your queer eye pleased by appealing fellas?

First up, some hunky beefy dudes with tattoos or shaved heads or a terrific and well-developed upper back. We can overlook the rude tee shirt message.

Here we have a few of the boys hanging at my local cycling shop, Box Dog Bikes on 14th near Guerrero. It was Furry Face Day when I snapped the pix.

We end this edition of the series with several attractive construction workers on the job at new housing sites around San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

Nice 'brotos'! Love them bros.