Tuesday, December 23, 2014

KTVU, Sing Tao: Sony = Censors Protest Coverage
Our trio of free expression and movie-loving activists staged a picket yesterday at the Metreon cineplex at Mission and 4th Streets. It's where "The Interview" was scheduled to open on Christmas Day, before Sony and Hollywood bowed to pressure from North Korea.

Ken Pritchett of KTVU News and a cameraman stopped by to chat with us and we were included in the station's 10 pm story about North Korea losing its limited web access and the whole Sony Hack mess. 

We taped the story off our TV monitor because not every story aired by KTVU is available on their web site and sure enough, this one isn't. Thank you, Ken Hodnett and Tate Swindell, for picketing with me, and to Pritchett and KTUV for their coverage. 

On Saturday, we spoke with conservative radio host Ethan Berman on KGO-AM and he agreed that Sony needed to find a way to exhibit "The Interview" in theatres or on the web.</
The Chinese-American newspaper Sing Tao sent reporter Flora Xu to our action and she asked terrific questions. Her story appeared today and she snapped a photo of it in the print edition which included a picture of us with our signs.


Longtime progressive political activist and photo documentarian Steve Rhodes was also there and snapped the great black and white photo above.
A round of gratitude to these media folks for giving us a platform to speak out for free expression

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