Friday, December 12, 2014

Conway's Emails to Chiu Released

My public records request to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisor, Angela Calvillo, earlier this week has produced all of the emails sent by tech mogul and BFF to Mayor Ed Lee, Ron Conway to anyone in Sup. David Chiu's office since the start of 2014.

Yes, all two of the emails were released today and they're about supporting state Sen. Mark Leno's effort in the spring to amend the Ellis Act. Conway's emails were eblasts to lots of folks, including Chiu's top aide Judson True.

I asked the Clerk's Records Manager Wilson L. Ng, if there were only two emails to or from Conway and none that mentioned him or Chiu's political consultant Nicole Derse even if emails weren't sent or received by the them. Ng replied:

"Confirming that the emails provided were the only responsive communications sent between Ron Conway and Supervisor Chiu or his staff between January 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014.

"Upon searching through Supervisor Chiu and his staff’s emails, there were no communications between him and his staff where Ron Conway or Nicole Derse were the subject."

I'd like to see all of Chiu's emails from this year released and posted on the web, and I feel a new public records request coming on!

This was Chiu's last year as president of the Board of Supervisor, during which he waged a nasty battle battle with Sup. David Campos for the Assembly District 17 seat and a lot of controversial measures came before the body.

We, the taxpayers, should pore over Chiu's electronic communications from 2014 and keep close tabs on him, now that he's been elected to Sacramento.

Excepts from the two Conway emails are below.

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