Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Bill Cosby's University of SF Honorary Degree to be Rescinded?

America's favorite TV dad was all over the local news in May of 2012 when he was the keynote speaker at the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco's graduation ceremony.

Comedian Bill Cosby's celebrity status was put to good use by USF to generate a huge amount of publicity for the institution, when they awarded him an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. The SF Chronicle's Nanette Asimov reported he urged graduates to make no excuses for themselves and have no fear as they go forward.

Allegations of sexual misconduct, drugging victims and rape against Cosby continue but no charges by any district attorney in the country, and universities with links to him including Temple, Boston's Berklee Music School and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, have severed ties with Cosby.

I asked Annie-Marie Devine, spokeswoman for USF, if they'd be joining those institutions or otherwise had a position on their past relationship with him. She said:

The University of San Francisco is allowing the facts to be established by a court of law before making any decisions regarding Mr. Cosby's honorary degree.

Since there are no court proceedings pending at which Cosby is required to appear, it seems USF will take no action for quite some time.

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