Friday, December 12, 2014

Harold Norse Reading Celebrates His Beat Poetry

My dear queer friend Todd Swindell has published a new book of poems by Harold Norse, the late great Beat poet and writer, entitled "I Am Going to Fly Through Glass".

Copies are available for purchase in San Francisco at Bird and Beckett in Glen Park, Books Inc at their Castro and Opera Plaza stores, and Alley Cat Books and the Dog Eared Bookstore in the Mission. To buy a copy of "I Am Going to Fly Through Glass" online, click this link.

Here's Todd reading a poem by Harold at the reading and book-signing he organized at Bird and Beckett earlier this month. On the little stage is a great black and white photo of Harold with his best buddy, when they weren't arguing about writing or fighting over potential boyfriends, Neeli Cherkovski, from the 1960s.

The crowd at the reading was entertained by Neeli who told a few amusing tales about his times with Harold, and how they acted up during the 1950s in Europe. Neeli also read some of his own beautiful poetry.

This is literary critic and fan and friend of Harold's, Jim Nawrocki ,explaining how he came to meet him when he lived on Albion Street in the Mission. Jim closed out the event reading his favorite poems by Harold and saluting the Beats.

A segment of the crowd listening to Todd talk about his time spent with Harold and the joy they found together. Like everyone who came out in a rain storm for the reading, it was a tremendous pleasure hearing Harold's works read aloud, being with good friends, inhaling the delicious smell of books and the paper they're printed on.

For updates about Harold related happenings be sure to check out the site regularly, and share info about it on social media.

Thank you, Todd, for publishing this book and bringing us all together for the reading!

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