Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Woof #71: Young Muscle & Bald Beauties

My week has gone very well on many fronts. The race for District 8 Supervisor rolls on and my friend Todd Swindell continues as a volunteer extraordinaire with the campaign Facebook page he's created and maintains. Be sure to like it.

On the eye-pleasing front, there has been a wealth of attractive dudes on the streets of the Bay Area gracing the lens of my camera and a few of them appear here.

How's this for some wonderful contrasts? A mature man light haired bald beauty and a young cub with dark facial fuzz and also sporting a smooth scalp, both sharing their handsomeness with this homo.

This tall and chunky man of a few colors can't hide his sexy bald black head with thick headphones to block out the noise of his Department of Public Works buddy jackhammering away.

I captured these young muscle guys on my camera as they were hanging out at the corner of Castro and 18th Street, on a very sunny and warm day.

When I saw this construction worker on a Berkeley street, I did a double-take because he resembled my hunky friend Frank Cerbo so much. And how was your week for male-gazing?

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