Tuesday, April 01, 2014

SF Police Release Names of 33 Civilians Killed by Cops Since 2000

Before we get to the list of names provided to me today by the San Francisco Police Department's legal affairs deputy Maureen Conefrey, I wish to say again the public records request that produced this info is dedicated to the memory of Alejandro "Alex" Nieto. There is also a need to express thanks to the power of open government laws that require the release of public documents such as what I received today.

I will follow up, now that I know SFPD is keeping such a list, for the names of civilians dead from officer-involved shootings from 1980 through the end of 1999. We must gather these names and share them, if only to remember their deaths and to spur all stakeholders to create better community policing in San Francisco - that doesn't leave civilians killed.

As a public service, I've posted the five-page PDF from the police containing the names at my Google Docs home.

2000: Zero

2001: Two

Stelley, Idris (Black male)
Smith, Randy (White male)

2002: Five

Hooper, Gregory (Black male)
Tims, Richard (Black male)
Ruffin, Robert (Black male)
Tan, Jerry (Asian male)
Akbar, Jihad (Black male)

2003: One

Moll, Michael (White male)

2004: Four

Dean, Paul (Other race male?)
Boyd, Cammerin (Black male)
Angulo, Carlos (Hispanic male)
Rugley, Gustavo J. (Black male)

2005: Zero

2006: Four

Harrington, Michael (White male)
Ruff, Marlon (Black male)
Breed, Charles (Black male)
Eklund, Karen (White female)

2007: Two

Vargas, Mario Javier (White male)
Robinson, Rene (Black male)

2008: One

Cole, Leonard (White male)

2009: One

Li, Xiyu (Asian male)

2010: Three

Bui, Vinh (Asian male)
Lee, Michael (Other race male?)
Smith, Edward (White male)

2011: Six

Smith, Joshua (White male)
Hill, Charles (White male) (BART police department officer involved shooting)
Sicat, Roselyndo (Asian male)
Woo, Peter (Asian male)
Harding, Kenneth (Black male)
Young, Steven (White male)

2012: Two

Pralourng, Pralith (Asian male)
Hughes, Dennis (White male)

2013: One

Wilkerson, Dale (White male)

2014: One

Nieto, Alejandro (Hispanic male)

(Rest in peace: Alejandro "Alex" Nieto.)


Larry-bob Roberts said...

The SFPD didn't get Cammerin Boyd's first and last name in the right order.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Larry-bob, for your attention to detail and calling this mistake to my attention. I've amended my post.