Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekend Woof #70: Fine Fuzzy Faced Fellas 

What with all the hassles of being robbed and the burglary's aftermath, getting all the paperwork signed and submitted to various government agencies in order to run for District 8 Supervisor and just living life with Mike, I've not focused much on this photo series. Very nice and relaxing to put the politics aside and think about male beauty.

A good display of various ways men around these parts groom the fur on their faces, and the creative messy styling of the dude in the bottom pic. He might do well adopting the nom de drag of Hedda Haire.

This young bear nurse stopped by my campaign kickoff yesterday and was happy to pose for a few shots. He's just too big for cub status, wouldn't you say?

One of many grey beards around the Castro gay-boy-hood yesterday, showing a bit of flash on the warm weekend in San Francisco.

While this handsome young dude does not qualify as truly fuzzy-faced, he's got enough hair to warrant inclusion and just because he was so friendly when chatted. He apologized for not being able to fully smile because he's dealing with Bell's palsy and we had much to talk about since I had that condition last year.

Thanks to all the dudes for gracing the lens of my little camera. And how as your week for male-gazing? Hope as eye-pleasing as mine.

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