Friday, April 04, 2014

FB/Petrelis4Supe8 Launches, Funds Needed for Ballot Access

One of my campaign volunteers, Todd Swindell, has created social media outlets for my campaign for District 8 Supervisor.

(Credit: Bill Wilson Photography.)

Please like this page:

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Donations are needed to get on the November 4 ballot. Here is where some of the money will go.

The filing fee is $500 with the San Francisco Department of Elections to get on the ballot. There will be a $50 filing with the CA Secretary of State's office. A postal mailbox must be rented for $120 for a full year. Establishing and maintaining a campaign checking account at a credit union for one year will run $200.

These four items total $870 just to cover some basics. More funds will be necessary for campaign literature, tee shirts, buttons and stickers, and perhaps window signs, but the the first order of business is to raise money to gain access to the ballot.

To contribute to my campaign, the following information is required of all donors:

Home Address: 
City/State/Zip Code: 

You can make a donation via PayPal using the addy. Details coming soon about snail-mailing a check. Please donate what you can today. No amount too small, but the maximum allowed per individual is $500.

Lastly today, I hope to see you at the kickoff press conference tomorrow, Saturday, April 5 at noon at the public toilet kiosk at Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market Streets. Come out and support my race for District 8 Supervisor!

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