Monday, April 07, 2014

SFPD: 83 Names of OIS Deaths Since 1980; List Omits Sheila Detoy

Last week, I filed a public records request with the San Francisco Police Department for the names of all civilians killed in officer involved shootings (OIS) from 2000 through 2014 and posted what was released here. My followup request was for such names from 1980 through 1999, and the department has provided me with that info and I've posted that PDF and the previous PDF at my Google Docs page.

Both list of names have been combined for this post. I asked the department's legal council Maureen Conefrey when the police first started keeping a list of people killed in OIS cases and her colleague Lt. Timothy Plyer said it goes back to 1939. I've filed a new request for all names from that year through 1980, so I have a comprehensive list from the SFPD.

However, I don't think the lists maintained by the department are complete and accurate. For instance, the name of Sheila Detoy, pictured, who was killed by a cop's bullet when she was a passenger in car on May 13, 1998, full of unarmed teenagers including a passenger under surveillance by the police for skipping a court appearance on a drug charge.

I've asked Conefrey for an explanation as to why Detoy's name is not on this list. When I get a reply, I will share it. For now, here are the eighty-three names of OIS fatalities from the police department:

1980: Four: Grillo, Patrick (White male); Garrett, Vernell J. (Black male); Mata, George (White male); Hill, Raymond (White male)

1981: Two: David, Wayne M. (White male); Thomas, David J. (Black male)

1982: Two: Contawe, Ricardo (Asian male); Middleton, Victoria (White female)

1983: Two: Payne, Demetrius (Black male); Truong, Vo Tuoc (Asian male)

1984: One: Hoard, Jackie (Black female)

1985: One: Farrow, Warren (Black male)

1986: Three: Lumpkin, Larry (Black male); Flores, Charles (White male); Yip, Nesly (Asian male)

1987: Zero

1988: Four: Groshe, Tony (Other race male); Dixon, Ronald (White male); Bell, Charles (Black male); Barnett, Abraham (Black male)

1989: Three: Cafaro, Joseph (While male); Mason, Martin (White male); Nasalgay, Rene B. (White male)

1990: Seven: Bouyer, Allen (White male); Singh, Narinder (Other race male); Montes, Manuel (White male); Villanueva, Raymond (Asian male); DOE, John (Other race male); Quaid, Henry (White male); Wadsworth, Norman (Black male)

1991: Two: Galen, William (White male); Dixon, Edward (Black male)

1992: Three: Gardner, Scott (White male); Griffin, Glend (Black male); Washington, Damon (Black male)

1993: Three: Williams, Frank (Black male); Houston, Albert (Black male); Flores, Juan (Asian male)

1994: Three: Huang, Sai Ting (Asian male); Moore, Sidney W. (Black male); Boutwell, Victor (White male)

1995: Three: Boss, David (Black male); Hankston, William (Black male); Sheenan, Edwin (Black male)

1996: One: Thibeaus, Lernest (Black male)

1997: Two: Truong, Hue (Other race male); Solano, Silvano (Hispanic male)

1998: Two: Madrid, Jessie (White male); Smart, John M. (White male)

1999: Two: Nguyen, Phuc (Asian male); White, Bufford (Black male)

2000: Zero

2001: Two: Stelley, Idris (Black male); Smith, Randy (White male)

2002: Five: Hooper, Gregory (Black male); Tims, Richard (Black male); Ruffin, Robert (Black male); Tan, Jerry (Asian male); Akbar, Jihad (Black male)

2003: One: Moll, Michael (White male)

2004: Four: Dean, Paul (Other race male); Boyd, Cammerin (Black male); Angulo, Carlos (Hispanic male); Rugley, Gustavo J. (Black male)

2005: Zero

2006: Four: Harrington, Michael (White male); Ruff, Marlon (Black male); Breed, Charles (Black male); Eklund, Karen (White female)

2007: Two: Vargas, Mario Javier (White male); Robinson, Rene (Black male)

2008: One: Cole, Leonard (White male)

2009: One: Li, Xiyu (Asian male)

2010: Three: Bui, Vinh (Asian male); Lee, Michael (Other race male); Smith, Edward (White male)

2011: Six: Smith, Joshua (White male); Hill, Charles (White male) (BART police department officer involved shooting); Sicat, Roselyndo (Asian male); Woo, Peter (Asian male); Harding, Kenneth (Black male); Young, Steven (White male)

2012: Two: Pralourng, Pralith (Asian male); Hughes, Dennis (White male)

2013: One: Wilkerson, Dale (White male)

2014: One: Nieto, Alejandro (Hispanic male)

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