Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scrubbed: Cuddling Soldiers Pic
Gone From AfPax Site

For some unknown reasons, the AfPax web site operators last week scrubbed the image from their site. I had blogged about the image on Wednesday, and when I visited AfPax on Friday, it was gone, along with the terse explanation about the counterfeit sunglasses.

Two emails were sent to the site operators, and they've chosen to ignore my requests for info on why the post with the cuddling male soldiers was removed. Given all the much larger problems they face as rogue Department of Defense contractors, it's weird to see them have trouble with the male soldiers pic.

And scrubbing it has not removed the pic or the AfPax post from the web. Thanks to the surveillance and archiving by Google for next to everything on the web, you can view what AfPax operators no longer have on their site.

Here's where the original post was, and this is the cached version. Click here to read the NY Times story from last Monday about the operators and their site, and also to check out the Times' screen capture of, in which the pic in question was featured.

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