Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 Gay Jamaicans Attacked by Mob

The Jamaica Star, in a shoddy example of what passes for journalism in Jamaica, on March 1 ran a story about several gays facing violence from a mob. Here's the latest news excerpted from the Star about the incredibly hostile environment gay Jamaicans face every day:

A police station in St Catherine was the scene of hostility yesterday after residents demanded their own brand of justice for four men who they believe are lovers.

Police reports are that about 5 p.m. the men were at home when one went to a nearby shop and persons started to call him 'fish'.

The man went and reported this to his friends who drove to the shop. They were attacked and their car damaged. They went to report the matter to the police, when a mob converged and demanded that they come out. [...]

"We want them fi let out di bwoy dem mek wi deal wid dem business, in a cold cold time yah dem a wrap up in a de place," an irate woman screamed.

"A long time mi a notice sey dem a fish and we want them bad fi gi dem a proper beating," another woman said.

The men told THE STAR they were homosexuals.

"Yes, you can let the world know that although we a fish, we a pay mortgage for the house for two years and want to live in peace," one who gave his name as Barbee said.

The men danced up a storm and declared that they would live their lives as they want. [...]

Up to late last night, the men could not be released as the angry residents remained resolute that they wanted to administer their own form of justice. [...]

Let's the gays were able to leave the police station, in relative safety, and did not endure physical harm.

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