Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanks, 7,456 Voters, from Mike and Mike

The photo here was snapped this morning and since then, my vote total went up from 7,456 to a new number: 7,596.

A big thanks from Mike and I for every voter and supporter who either cast a ballot for or in other ways backed my BART campaign.

Mike was away for a week till yesterday, Wednesday, evening, visiting with the Merrigan branch of our family as they held a funeral for our beloved matriarch Mary Merrigan.

I can now report that my stress and tension levels have greatly diminished, after the tragic news of Donald Trump capturing the White House, with Mike back home at my side.

The San Francisco Department of Elections still has tens of thousands of outstanding ballots to count. Here's hoping my vote total crosses the 8,000 mark.

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