Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Donald & Ivanka Trump: $11,000 to Dems Harris & Newsom

Public elections finance disclosures at the California secretary of state's office reveal Donald Trump gave $6,000 to Kamala Harris's 2014 attorney general reelection campaign.

He also wrote a $2,500 check for Gavin Newsom unsuccessful bid for governor in 2009.

President-elect Trump's adviser and daughter Ivanka Trump also gave $2,000 to Harris and donated $500 to Newsom, in the same races.

Total Trump dollars that flowed to Harris: $8,000, to Newsom: $3,000. Combined Trump sum to these two California Democrats: $11,000.

I'm calling on United States Senator-elect Harris and Lt. Gov. Newsom to donate the amount they received from the Trumps to individual persons facing deportation in the California criminal justice system.

Under no circumstances should they return the money to the Trumps.

We need to drain the Democratic Party swamps - nationally, in Sacramento and here in San Francisco.

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