Monday, November 14, 2016

New Stat: 8,200 Voters Embraced My Campaign

A loud shout-out to the thousands of folks who cast their ballots for me. I'm taking this count as an endorsement of my advocacy for better public health and safety at BART's 16th Street Plaza.

For less than $100, I've managed to rack up 8,199 votes thus far. Damn good return on my investment, wouldn't you agree? While my actuals go up, my percentage has decreased from 7.04% to 6.89%.

Listening to folks who gave me their votes, I hear their wish for BART to regularly clean the two plazas with simple trash pickups, pigeon poop removal and power-washing.

Like them, I await guidance from Bevan Dufty regarding his plans for the plazas and how he'll engage the public and all users of BART and its public space at this Mission hub.

We'll see how much higher my vote total climbs in coming days, as more voted are tallied. Here's the latest word from the elections folks at City Hall regarding how many ballots await counting:

"The Department continues to review approximately 105,000 ballots for processing. This total includes approximately 81,000 vote-by-mail ballots and approximately 24,000 provisional ballots."

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