Saturday, November 05, 2016

All-Female NY Times Obits Day: Women's Lives Matter

The paper edition of the national New York Times on Friday, November 4th, ran only two obituaries and they were about women who achieved degrees of fame and noteworthy accomplishments.

Miriam Weinstein, the mother of film impresarios Harvey and Bob Weinstein who inspired the name of Miramax Films, has died. And singer Kay Starr, who crooned in many styles, also passed away last week.

In terms of real estate, each obit warranted banner presentation across all six columns and included photos of Weinstein and Starr. Bravas, to these ladies and their legacies!

I long for the day when it's common for the Gray Lady and other publications that still run obits, to have many days when they're all the lives and deaths of women.

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