Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Prelim Result: Over 6% of the BART Vote

A short while ago, I was texting with my opponent Bevan Dufty and he informed me I've garnered 6.37% of the votes cast, a sub-total of 3,447.

What with all the crappy news about Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in the race for Electoral College votes, I wasn't online to view the first results from the San Francisco Department of Election on my own race.

Yes, I feel quite good getting this many votes, so far, when I wasn't sure I'd get near the 1,000 mark. Let's see how the BART race numbers change as more results come in at the department's results page.

Congrats to Bevan, the apparent winner, and high praise to our opponent Gwyneth Borden for running a positive, issues-focused campaign. I assure Bevan and everyone I'll be advocating for continued betterment at the 16th Street BART Plazas and other BART concerns of importance to me.

I'm soon heading out to Bevan's party to congratulate him in person and commiserate with everyone about the tragic national news and the frightening prospect of having to write the words President Donald Trump.

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