Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Poz Prisoner Michael Johnson is Out of Solitary Confinement

This may be the most upbeat letter from Michael Johnson I've received since we began writing to each other.

Topping off the great news is that he's no longer in hole and is back in the general population. Michael's latest blood work is all good and he hopes Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump.

I've written back expressing happiness that he's out of solitary confinement, to encourage him to maintain his wellness and taking advantage of any education program inside the prison.

Michael stepmother from when he lived in Indiana, Meredith Rowan, has reached out to me. She provided this update and we hope to better coordinate our assistance for Michael from the outside.

If you'd care to write Michael and brighten his day with written communication, Meredith share the info on how to write him via snail mail and email. This is her update:

Dear MPetrelis,

Michael can receive letters, news clippings, and cards. Any card cannot have glitter or any texture on it. He cannot receive magazines unless shipped directly from the publisher. There is a limit on the # of pages he can get at one time. It is 8 pages. His address is -

Michael L Johnson
DOC Inmate #1285371
South Central Correctional Facility
255 MO-32
Licking, MO 65542

In addition, you can send him a letter via email. To do this, you have to have account on accesscorrections.com. You would search for Michael using his Department of Corrections Inmate #1285371.

There is no fee to send the letter and the prison will print the letters off each day and give them to Michael. With this option you are limited to one letter per day. 

My family and I ensure he has funds in his account to get any items he needs. We are not able to send any items from the outside. In addition a few people have given me money to help support Michael.

I have used that money to get him magazine subscriptions to People, Entertainment Weekly, and Sports Illustrated. Please let me know if there are any other questions or people need any additional information. Thank you for all you have done for Michael. We greatly appreciate it.


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