Friday, November 04, 2016

Alarmist Prop 60 Condom Mailer from AIDS Healthcare Fdtn

Receiving this propaganda today, with only four days to go before Election Day, my first thought was who waits this long to send out such a mailer? Early voting in California started on October 10, so I'd expect a campaign to began voter engagement via snail mail prior to this week.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation's unnecessary Prop 60 would require porn actors to wear condoms during filming and if passed, would potentially flood the courts with lawsuits against producers and performers.

Disguised as an HIV and STD prevention ballot measure, the backer of Prop 60, AIDS Healthcare Foundation's executive director Michael Weinstein, completely ignores the vast number of protections already in place to prevent infectious harms.

The foundation's alarmist mailer is signed by former porn actress Cameron Adams. She writes:

"I know first-hand about During one shoot for this company, multiple sex partners converged on me while I was tied up. One man was so aggressive during oral sex that he cut his penis on my teeth.

"As blood dripped on the floor, I asked the producer to make him wear a condom before shooting a sex scene. No way, I was told.

"Two weeks later, I was diagnosed with HIV. My career was over after just three months and my life has been changed forever."

I'm sorry she has sero-converted but we don't know if she contracted HIV from the male performer in question and if he was HIV poz at the time of shooting.

Also, I find it highly unlikely he would be able to maintain an erection with his cock bleeding.

No matter how I look at this mailer's message, I see a fear-driven agenda from an AIDS nonprofit that refuses to work with adult performers and the porn industry to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Vote no on Prop 60!

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