Tuesday, November 15, 2016

5 SF Chronicle Reporters Omit Expert's Donation to Hillary

This a prime example of why I loathe most political "reporting" in the San Francisco Chronicle.

A page-one above-the-fold story written by five reporters with this sub-head, "Experts say it will take, planning, hard work to build sustained movement," was the usual lecturing from this moderate paper to the anger in the streets.

One of the experts is Erica Chenoweth, of the University of Denver and a supposed expert on mass movement. She's given three paragraphs in the story, but the five reporters omitted this important fact.

In September, Chenoweth donated $250 to Hillary Clinton. Took me about two-minutes to find the donation online. Nice that she exercised her rights to give money to a political candidate. Just wishing the Hearst-owned publication informed readers of this fact.

The Chronicle loves to quote academics as great sages above the political fray. This is elites talking to other elites and packaging their quotes as independent thinking worthy of column inches.

Today's paper, in addition to Chenoweth, gives space to two other academics in the political sciences field. Three in one day. What's so great about these alleged experts, who all missed the coming election disruption of last week before it happened?

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