Saturday, July 03, 2010

My Cousin Mary Needs Your Prayers;

Blogging Hiatus Redux

I'm heading back to New Jersey early Sunday morning to visit with my cousin Mary and to tell her how much I love her. Mary sure could use your prayers.

She's been bravely battling cancer and many medical complications for a number of years, while enduring heavy drug regimes. Mary recently suffered several setbacks and the doctors say her remaining time with us is short, so I'm off to the east coast to see her and my family.

While I'm traveling, I won't be blogging for the coming week. I'll try to get back to blogging next weekend.

Happy 4th of July and safe travel to all making trips this holiday weekend.


vcdiva said...

My Dearest Michael,
I pray that your journey is safe, and that your cousin Mary is blessed by our prayers, because I for one, know that prayer is answered. I love you and I hope that all is well for Mary and the rest of your family at this time. I love you!
Your Biggest Fan and Friend,
Veronika Cauley, LVN
Commissioner of Veteran's Affairs,
City and County of San Francisco

Unknown said...

hi veronika,

thanks for your kind message, and i send lots of love back to you. made it back to NJ today and can't wait to see mary on monday.