Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chilly Dore Leather Fair;
Warm Men; Hot Pix

Today was the Dore Alley Fair, the sleazy little brother to the enormous Folsom Street Fair, and I didn't get there till the final 90-minutes, but I had a blast in that time. Ran into lots of old friends, saw many happy homosexuals and snapped photos with my new camera.

Allow me to apologize for the date/time stamp on the photos. Forget about the incorrect date, the type is distracting and I intend to disable that stamp function.

Let's go to the photos:

Queen with an umbrella hat and pal Princess Bronxey.

This is the pose I got, after telling him to act natural.

Contestant in a Twister game ignoring calls to get nude.

Mr. Furry Shoulders follows my command to smile.

This guy and I shared a mutual hat admiration moment.

Sister Bug-Eye Glasses Jason on patrol.

The red suspenders did justice to his fine freckled skin.

In his own world, and good at striking poses.

Simply the best cut, dye and gel head I saw.

"Yeah, I'm proud to be wearing a Keith Haring t-shirt."

Best gay and gray look of the afternoon.

Cute cub, sporting an adorable, trimmed beard.

Furry faced fella with the classic Smokey look.

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Michael Zonta said...

Thanks for the pictures.