Monday, November 02, 2009

Rep Grayson:
Proud Liberal Needs Help

Sales of ads on this blog trickle in, and when they do, it helps me and now I want to turn around and help Congressman Alan Grayson, whose ad is running this week.

Grayson is an unapologetic liberal from Florida, who's been pissing off the GOP, over issues like health care reform, something close to my activist heart. And don't forget he's a leading proponent for increased transparency over contractors in Iraq and the banking industry, and I support politicians who work for government sunshine.

He's conducting an online money-bomb campaign for the next few days, and if want to throw some bucks his way, click here. You can also click on the Grayson ad to the right. That would help him and also show support for this blog.

Thanks, Alan Grayson, for the ad and for waging battles that will eventually help more Americans have good health care, including LGBT persons and people with AIDS/HIV.

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