Monday, November 02, 2009

Pam's House Blend Notes 2-Year-Old
Jamaican 'Gay Eradication Day'

Back on Friday, I blogged on Dan Savage up at the Seattle Slog calling attention to a frightening April 26, 2007, article in the Jamaica Star newspaper about "Gay Eradication Day." Dan never explained why he was all of sudden concerned with the more-than-two-year-old article, which, as far I can tell, captured the attention of only one lesbian blogger, Cheril N. Clarke, back then.

And today, Pam Spaulding also blogs on the old article and offers no words as to why she felt the need to comment on it. I'm actually very pleased Dan wrote about the homo-hate in Jamaica, and that Pam wants more US government action. From her site:
Every time I think of this kind of outlandish hate, I wonder why doesn't the State Department issue a warning to LGBT travelers or make some bold issue out if the naked, violent homophobia of an island nation that prominently advertises itself as a welcoming tourist environment. Noting in those "Come to Jamaica" commercials says "except the homos." At the lease it's false advertising, at the most, it's negligent in calling out a country for its inhumanity by calling for an "Eradication Day." Why are they not focused on the misery of the poverty affecting the average Jamaican rather that a group of people that have no impact on their day-to-day lives?
I wonder if other LGBT bloggers are picking up on the April 26, 2007, article and not explaining why it's on their radar these days.

If you want more info on the Boycott Jamaican effort, click here.

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