Friday, November 06, 2009

BAR: Cleve's EAA Has 200 'Fuzzy' Groups

You need not be medicated on marijuana to appreciate the latest dope from Cleve Jones about the current state of his new group, Equality Across America. From the current Bay Area Reporter:

From the beginning, Jones insisted that the [march] would be a scaled down affair, with the only goal of the march being full federal equality and that the way to best achieve that would be to establish action teams in all 435 congressional districts across the country.

It remains to be seen exactly how many of those teams have been formed.

Jones said Tuesday that he thinks groups have formed in some 200 districts.

"But that's kind of fuzzy," he added. (Emphasis added.)

Planet Queer to Cleve. Dude, get a damn clue. You'd be lucky to have 2 groups in any districts.

This man's big ego and his march, barely a month after the rally at the capital, has produced what exactly? Something kind of fuzzy.

Speaking of groups to spring out of the march, how's the one in Cleve's backyard coming along? Some clues from the Desert Sun paper:

Gay rights activists took to the streets of downtown Palm Springs on Wednesday night to call for a local push to create a national network.

More than a dozen men blew whistles, chanted and waved handwritten signs at Indian Canyon Drive and Arenas Road in Palm Springs.

One of the comments says there were only 10 men who showed up. Whatever the number, not a large turnout. No indication that Cleve was there, but his hand-picked interim leader of the EAA, Tanner Efinger, was present and accounted for:

The protesters, who also blasted disco music from amplifiers, said they want to see gay-rights groups in every congressional district across the country begin to network.

“While it seems like we're preaching to the choir here — there are a lot of gay people who live here — what we're actually trying to do is say, ‘Listen, we need to start talking to each other,'” Tanner Efinger, 25, a part-time Palm Springs resident, said Wednesday.

This is beyond rich. One of the key folks at EAA who couldn't be bothered to hold a single town hall meeting anywhere in gay USA, so we could, um, talk to each other, is now standing on a street corner saying we need to talk each other. Oh, and he brought along a disco music system to show his seriousness. He must have played "I Will Survive."

All the energy, time and money that went into validating Cleve's delusions of leading an effective army to be activists at home is nothing more than some fuzzies and a Naive Equality Princess shaking her groove thang in the desert.

Will my community ever grow up and get serious?


Wonder Man said...

His ego will end his legacy

AndrewW said...

I wish EqualityAcrossAmerica would just call it quits. Cleve had no idea what he was doing when he decided to have a "March." It was a failure - and it wasted $50 million. Yeah - that much.

If we believe their numbers - 200,000 people - at least half of them have travel and lodging expenses of $500 each. 100,000 x $500 = $50 million. For what?

Prior to the launch of anymore LGBT organizations some thought and planning is required. Simply forming angry groups doesn't accomplish anything.

Goodbye Cleve. Goodbye EqualityAcrossAmerica.

David Elijah Nahmod said...

All Cleve gives a shit about is his celebrity. He sure doesn't want real equality~~then no one would want to interview him!