Saturday, June 25, 2016

SF Pride Hides Parade Lineup Info?

Since 2013, I've objected to SF Pride deciding the lineup of contingent for the parade up Market Street with nary a ray of sunshine and transparency and that year, I pointed out 23 politicians had early placing in the lineup and how law enforcement were front-ended. No hours-long waiting around for electeds and cops.

Last year, I again kvetched about SF Pride's opaque process on this matter and how the police and politicians were again up front and were joined by Airbnb and Apple, enjoying early spots in the parade.

This year, SF Pride has not shared the lineup on their web site. Why open yourselves to community scrutiny before the June 26 parade, right? Keep the info off-line and don't expect any hassle about who goes first or last till after the whole shebang is over, seems to be the attitude at SF Pride.

Where is the lineup info and why can't SF Pride simple post it online for all to see?

I'll be skipping the profiteering parade and the all the police and politicians and corporations, ok, and the ordinary and fabulous queer folks and groups who aren't part of the parade's problems. No need for me to associate in any way with the commercialization and co-opting of what used to be a liberating experience.

For me, Queer Pride has nothing to do with SF Pride and those who exploit it for commercial and political gains.

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