Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SF Pride Parade Led by the FBI, Pelosi, Smirnoff, Cops & Pols

Here it is three days after the SF Pride Parade on Market Street and the contingent lineup is still not on the organization's web site. Their media coordinator, Katie Harrar, sent me the spreadsheet listing the lineup and just as in previous years, it was the same old tired political and corporate business as usual.

Among the contingents getting early, prime marching positions were the Dykes on Bikes, trans brothers and sisters, Native American two-spirits and the We Are Orlando folks, which is nice window dressing, but there were way too many electeds and law enforcement officials for this queer.

Look at how electeds Nancy Pelosi, US Senate opponents Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris, Mark Leno, Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee, along with the SF Police and Sheriff Departments and the FBI were front-loaded. Oh, Smirnoff vodka's parent company Diageo was in the mix too.

As in previous years, SF Pride wasn't the least bit transparent about how they decided the lineup. It's all done in secrecy and behind closed doors. I've posted the full 243-contingent lineup on my Google drive here.

Glad I boycotted SF Pride and its Parade again. No need for me or Mike to enable or in anyway participate in the profiteering and ego-feeding of politicians with our presence at any SF Pride events.

They're here! They're politicians, law enforcement and corporations and they control SF Pride! Get used to it!

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Starchild said...

Well said, Michael. This has been going on for years. And they always stick groups whose politics they don't like, such as the Pink Pistols or the Outright Libertarians, at the back of the parade. Reminds me of how another disfavored group (blacks) were made to sit at the back of the bus during the Jim Crow era.