Monday, June 06, 2016

Wiener Email Shows Fear of Burton Backing of Jane Kim

About one-hour ago, the California Democratic Party emailed voters reminding them that Scott Wiener, a truly heartless but ambitious political climber, is their official candidate for state senate in District 11, the district I'm running in as a write-in candidate.

These leaders and Wiener are clearly fearing a recent endorsement letter from the state party chairman John Burton endorsing Jane Kim, so much so they've sprayed their email far and wide. Nice to know Wiener and his party pals are nervous.

Over the weekend, gadfly gossip columnists Phi Matier and Andy Ross of the SF Chronicle wrote about Burton's endorsement of Kim and he also wrote to Wiener, telling him to purchase a heart:

"Tensions are rising between Democratic state Senate candidates Scott Wiener and Jane Kim ahead of Tuesday’s primary election — and now a last-minute letter from state Democratic Party Chairman John Burton endorsing Kim as 'the real Democrat' has set off a fresh round of allegations of foul play.

"Wiener won the endorsement in February of the state Democratic Party itself, receiving 80 percent of the vote at the party’s convention over Kim, his fellow San Francisco supervisor . . .

"As for what’s really behind Burton’s support for Kim? Wiener thinks it’s because he’s called for homeless people’s tents to be removed from San Francisco sidewalks.

"Right after Wiener urged city departments to do that back in January, Burton fired off a letter to him him suggesting he 'stop by the nearest butcher shop and buy yourself a heart.'"

Dear voters in state senate District 11, please, whatever you do today at City Hall, where early voting is taking place, or tomorrow June 7, vote either for myself or Jane Kim. Thank you!

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