Friday, June 03, 2016

NY Times: An All-Women's Obituaries' Day

Women's lives matter, but when it comes to giving them their proper due with obituaries equal to that of men, our American newspapers fail miserably.

Back on March 16, I wrote about an herstoric day in the New York Times' print edition when the paper ran obituaries only on women, four of them to be exact.

The June 2 edition was another day of just-female obituaries, two this time, and they showed an inkling of the diversity of women's lives and accomplishments.

The first obituary was for a televangelist named Janice Crouch and her checkered career running a for-profit religious empire, and the second was for feminist and former WBAI news reporter Nanette Rainone.

Most days, the Times' obits are all-male or overwhelmingly so with a single female, maybe two, warranting a write-up.

May we see the day when it's no longer noteworthy that the Times publishes an all-women's obituary page and women are given the full respect and attention their lives deserve when they die.

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