Wednesday, June 01, 2016

'Hot Cop of the Castro' Update From SFPD & DA

Police officer Chris Kohrs, who was lionized the world over via social media as the "Hot Cop of the Castro" for his youthful good looks and well-developed body, had a hit-and-run accident in November 2015 in North Beach leaving one person injured.

He was charged in March with two felonies filed by publicity-hound District Attorney George Gascon, who has not seen fit to issue a press release about this high-profile case, and the court is still determining if Kohrs will face trial.

Fyi, Gascon's PR machine posted a release about the arrest and charging of a pro-growth housing advocate who may have violated election laws, a matter in which no one was hospitalized and was of less news value than a sexy cop in uniform. I'm just saying the DA has selective release of public info policies.

I queried the DA's office and the San Francisco Police Department for the latest info on this case and the DA's publicist Alex Bastian said no records were releasable and only provided me with a charge sheet from last year.

The SFPD said Kohrs is still out on medical leave and no other info would be shared.

Six-months after Kohrs allegedly caused an auto accident and left the scene of the crime, some have speculated he was intoxicated at the time but in the intervening hours after and before he was taken into custody may have cleared his blood of alcohol and other substances, the case remains open and he's not on duty.

I have no idea if half-a-year is standard for a hit-and-run matter and we'll have to wait and see when Kohrs' next court appearance is and if his case will move toward trial. Wouldn't surprise me if a plea bargain is negotiated and Kohrs never faces trial.

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