Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Write-In Results 2 Weeks Away: 438 Vote to Count 

A total of 438 write-in votes were cast and recorded thus far in the race for California state senate seat for the 11th district, but not all of them are for me. In every race, there are un-qualified write-in votes submitted but the elections officials don't tally them by name.

Only qualified write-in hopefuls in any race, of which I am the only one in the D11 senate race, will know their results. Follow the stats here.

I grabbed of selfie at my polling station yesterday, documenting an image of my write-in vote. Under the foto are the latest numbers from the San Francisco Department of Elections.

This message, in response to several of my concerns, is from Gregory P. Slocum, director of campaign services, on behalf of the department:

"All updates will occur at 4 pm daily. Every day we count votes we will update at same time, we had a team working from 10 pm to 10am last night.

"Additionally, as I mentioned our ability to accept VBM, vote-by-mail, is augmented by changes in legislation which could result in a longer wait to enumerate write-in tallies.

"I would estimate that it may be as long as 2-3 weeks for us to enumerate write in candidates in our results based on the number of provisionals we will have to process and the extended VBM return window.

"This enumeration will be amongst one of the last tasks that we undertake in certifying the election."

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