Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SF Dems Cheer Call to Lower Harvey Milk Plaza Flag 4 Orlando

At tonight's meeting of the Democratic County Central Committee held at the State Building on Golden Gate Avenue, I used my two minutes of public comment time to inform the audience about business as usual regarding the rainbow flag flying at full-mast.

Many folks applauded, one woman even stood up to cheer, my call for honoring the dead and supporting the survivors of the anti-gay terror in Orlando.

Dear Harvey Milk, please forgive the Castro Merchants and Scott Wiener for waiting till 100 or so LGBT and other folks were mowed down from gun violence before _finally_ using the flag to honor our queer fatalities.

May I live so long to see the day when the community is in control of the flag at the plaza that bears the name of another gay martyr killed by a gun. Enough is enough with the Castro Merchants and Wiener's bullshit. Watch the video:


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Stephen R. Stapleton, Sacramento, CA said...

I applaud and support your comments.

On a practical note, how many signatures would we need to put an initiative on the SF ballot to use the City's power of eminent domain to take the flag back from the merchants association and place the ownership of the flag in a community board of elected members? Then the public would have control of the flag resting on public property.

With Parade at the end of the month, we might be able to quickly gather enough to put the matter up for a vote quickly and cheaply.