Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trannies Heckle Fag Pol Off Stage: Reclaim Queer Public Space!

Let's get queerly real for a moment. Queer public space and events have got to be politician free, ensuring a community doesn't have electeds hogging mic time and feeding us pablum.

It makes my activist heart skip a beat saluting the pissed off trannies at the picnic in Dolores Park on Friday, June 24, in preparation for the Trans March, who righteously heckled career fag Democratic Mark Leno off the stage.

The question must be asked of organizers: Why the eff are you inviting these pols to the Trans March? We get enough of them daily from City Hall and Sacramento.

Next, Leno is out of a job and he gets mic time at a trans event and he calls angry trannies like Donald Trump, all because they ain't interested in his 4,987th useless proclamation that he holds in his hot homo hands.

Who the hell does he think he is that trans and queers can't yelled at him when the damn well feel like it? He and his buddies need to get this memo: no more LGBT equality business as usual!

His chosen political heir is heartless Scott Wiener, who milled about the stage along with Ed Lee and fag tax collector Jose Cisneros and rising fag City Hall operative Alex Randolph.

There is no legit reason for that cabal to again occupy queer public space at a rally. They had more than enough time barely two weeks ago on June 12 to commemorate the Orlando massacre.

Thank you, my trans and queer variant brothers and sisters who acted up, stood up and spoke up against fag Democratic types colonizing our time in the park.

We don't need Leno pimping himself and giving cover to Wiener, who's in tight race for state senate. Not that Jane Kim is any great progressive shakes, but at least she ain't Wiener and that should not be a pass for her. Kim needs to be pressed on a host of issues.

That said, she's wise to avoid appearing at any event with Wiener or the Mayor and be on the receiving end of boos that intended for them.

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