Friday, June 03, 2016

AIDS LifeCycle's Executives' Pay = $440K & $355K

The latest edition of the AIDS LifeCycle fundraiser for the Los Angeles LGBT Community Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation kicks off this weekend, but no attention is being paid to the salaries of the executive directors of the service agencies.

I've looked at the latest IRS 990 filings for both nonprofits and wish to report that the recently-resigned head of the AIDS foundation, Neil Giuliano, was compensated around $355,000, and that Lorri Jean of the gay center, received about $440,000 for her services.

Other top directors at both groups are robustly paid in the six-figures and I'm not suggesting they don't deserve adequate pay, but there needs to be greater scrutiny of how the fiscal stewardship of the groups affects care and services for clients.

Some say these paychecks are reasonable considering how well-managed the HIV and LGBT organizations are by nonprofit industry standards. Others want full transparency and accountability from the bike ride producers.

Since the books of the AIDS LifeCycle are not open to public inspection, we have no idea how much money goes for producing the statewide marathon money-maker, what amount reaches people with AIDS or those in-need, or what total of the proceeds may be used for executive compensation.

Let's open the books of the AIDS LifeCycle and more fully follow the money!

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