Sunday, June 05, 2016

Muhammad Ali, GOAT: $ to Hillary 4 Prez, Nothing to Obama

This is curious. The Federal Election Commission records for donations from the late Muhammad Ali reveal he donated the maximum allowed by law as an individual, $2,700, to Hillary Clinton on April 15, tax day, of this year.

There's no record of Ali donating to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, but we can quite safely assume he fully endorsed the Illinois senator's political efforts and voted for him at least twice.

Ali, as head of the Greatest of All Time, GOAT, for-profit corporation gave Democratic Kentucky Rep. Jack Conway a total of $4,000 over the years, and a $1,000 contribution to GOP Kentucky Congresswoman Anne Northrup in 2002.

It always fascinates me to research the political giving of famous persons and if they've given, to whom and how much and gain a small insight into their thinking.

What's been fun is learning Ali, a champion of many causes and fighter on a host of fronts, who owned a tremendous and righteous sense of self and purpose, had a company named Greatest of All Time.

Rest in power, man!

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