Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sup Cohen Drops 'A-hole' Bomb on #OpenGov over Calendars

The biggest foe of sunshine at San Francisco's City Hall is Board of Supervisor President London Breed, who has muddied the waters when I requested her work calendar. She's claimed many dumb excuses for withholding it and was the only Supervisor to vote against Sup. John Avalos's 2015 legislation mandating the Supes keep and release calendars.

Unfortunately, Avalos didn't call for posting the calendars online so the burden in on the public to request them. I filed many requests with the Supes and shared their calendars on my GovtAccessProject.Blogspot.com site.

At the June 9 meeting of the Rules Committee, Breed's BFF, Sup. Malia Cohen, questioned Sunshine Ordinance Task Force member Eric Eldon about personalities of the public seeping into the process. Cohen completely ignores her personality and that of some of her colleagues when requests are made for their public records.

She drops the a-hole bomb targeting me and #OpenGov, as you hear in the video.

Eldon cites my advocacy as an example of how at least one member of the general public uses the SOTF to push forward greater transparency for all citizens, whether the politicians or reporters like me or my tactics.

My only dealings with Eldon have been at SOTF hearings and, of course, I am thankful he understands where I'm coming from and is also backing my idea that City Hall needs to post elected officials' calendars on one site every month. 

Interesting how Cohen starts off talking about the lack of "decorum" and "professionalism" on the SOTF then blurts out an epithet. Entitlement does strange things to these politicos.

Let the sunshine reign supreme!

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