Saturday, June 27, 2015

SF Pride's Top-Spots Lineup: AirBnB, Cops & Sheriff, Pelosi & Mayor

Regardless of the old anti-Chelsea Manning board replaced with "reformers" two years ago, the SF Pride Parade lineup is very telling about the same old boring corporate, law-and-order agencies and Democratic Party dominance of the prime event of the entire weekend.

As in previous years, the lineup's composition was made behind closed doors without transparency by the SF Pride board president Gary Virginia, veep and longtime parade control queen Marsha Levine, and executive director George Ridgely.

Among the folks getting prime-time at the parade, in the first twenty top-spots are AirBnB, Apple, the SF Police Department and Sheriff's Office, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Ed Lee, and a few nonprofits and grand marshals.

The parade is not liberation. Remember when we queers were fighting for that in all aspects of our lives, at least among those of us wanting more from SF Pride than just Democratic politics and profits from attracting LGBT dollars? Yes, a long time ago but that is no reason to totally sell-out.

If the transgender and queer folks acted up at the Compton Cafeteria in the Tenderloin, protesting abuse by the police force, an issue still with us today and more so for black folks across the City and America, just so law enforcement agencies could lead a parade, then they demonstrated in vain.

Here's the list of top-spots for tomorrow's parade. Full list is here.

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