Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Sup. Campos, The Tamale Lady & An 'Unusual' $40,000 Loan

What's happened with Sup. David Campos assisting Virginia Ramos, alias The Tamale Lady, since I wrote in March 2014 about his efforts to secure a physical location for her to run her business from? Not much I thought, until a public records request to Campos produced this curious string of emails:

It appears Campos' aide Joseph Smooke since late April has been coordinating a loan of $40,000 for Ramos from the Opportunity Fund based in San Jose, that would be coordinated with the Mission Economic Development Agency and the Mission Housing Development Corporation.

Complications and details about rehabbing Ramos' intended location at 2943 16th Street near Capp Street and working with contractors, were addressed in mid May.

And on May 20, Smooke thanked the Opportunity Fund for their "hard work to close this unusual loan" and the hope of Campos' office to make "a big splash" when Ramos finally opens her cantina. None of the emails released explain exactly what is unusual about the $40,000 loan.

In a related matter, the Mission Local site, which deserves beaucoup credit for original, balanced, fair and vital reporting, ran a story in August 2014 about Ramos' various troubles with a multi-family apartment building she owns on 24th Street. One tenant, who remained anonymous, called her a slumlord. Check out 
the Mission Local story here.

We'll see if the load leads to Ramos opening a bricks-and-mortar business on 16th Street this year, or ever.


Anonymous said...

there is a lot that was left out in this process story. The true story is not near what you present.

Anonymous said...

The true story about the Tamale Lady is not even close to what you wrote.

Michael Petrelis said...

Well, spill some beans of truth. I'd like to know more details.